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Problem Solving WETT

        Problem           Solution
Stove gives too much heat 

The air intake is too open.
Reduce the air intake

Insufficient Heating

Wood is too wet-

Not enough wood

Burns at a low temperature

 * Use dry wood (preferably 18/24 months old.

* Install a thermometer on the smoke pipe;    
 set at 18” above stove top.

*  Maintain in comfort zone

Problems getting the fire started.

Starting wood too big or too wet.

Inadequate ventilation 

 * Use seasoned dry wood. Cut wood in slices

* Slightly open a window

* Leave door partly open to start fire and
   to heat chimney (do-not leave unattended
Smoke coming out of the stove fireplace.

Smoke spillage

Not enough ventilation in the chimney.

House too airtight.

Negative pressure due to a lack of air in the room.

Another household appliance is inhaling the air from the chimney.

Back draft in chimney.

New stove – paint curing..

Slightly open a window.

* Install an exterior air intake kit (according to model      Specifications)

* Avoid using another appliance at the same time; i.e. vent of    kitchen stove, bathroom fan, clothes dryer.

* Check the chimney installation, diameter must equal

*stove breach. if the chimney is too big you will have trouble  heating. Install a stainless steel liner.

* The chimney is not long enough, add an extension.

* Make sure the stove is hot, before closing door.

* Chimney is jammed, inspect chimney regularly.

* Too many elbows in the pipe exhaust.

* Install chimney cap.
Short Combustion time. 

Oxygen shortage.

The stove air intakes are fully open.

Wood is too wet.

Not enough wood is used.

* Check the glass door gasket

* Adjust the air intake of the stove to a lower degree

* Heat stove at correct temperature, - maintain comfort zone      operation.

* Use good quality wood/ maple, oak

* Fill the combustion chamber to the top of bricks.

* Chimney too long / reduce the evacuation system.
Impossible to obtain a reduced ventilation control

Chimney is too long

Air tightness is missing at the door or at the glass.

 * Check chimney dimension must have the same diameter as     the    stove.

* Check the glass and door gasket.
   ( replace if needed)
Glass door remains dirty

Wood is too wet-

Heats at temperature too low

 * Important: install a thermometer on the    

 * stove pipe and keep temperature in the 
 “comfort” zone..

* Use good dry wood to prevent creosote      accumulation
Present smell (odor)

Paint not completely dry on stove or vent stack

Smell coming from humid creosote in the chimney or firebox.

  *The stove paint smokes and leaves odor for a short period of time. (new stove or new paint)

* Slightly open a window to allow odor to escape

* Ask a certified professional to sweep and inspect the    chimney 

* Install a chimney cap

* Heat at a good temperature, “Comfort Zone “of your   thermometer

* Check door gasket and pipe joints
Chimney Fire

Creosote accumulation in the chimney and

High temperature wick start fire spillage

 * Close the air intakes if necessary, call fire dept.

* To prevent a chimney fire, clean your chimney and pipes at least twice a year time.

* Use good dry wood (prefer; 18/24 months)   

* The chimney is not long enough, add an extension.

* Important; use thermometer (Keep in Comfort Zone)
Rusted Stove

Room is too humid

Water was dropped on stove.


 * Keep the stove in a dry place

* Never wash the stove with water.

* Check if there is any water leak from the chimney.

* Take a soft rust pad and take the rust out, repaint  
   with High temperature, 1200F Stove Bright paint. 
The stove steel is warping

Heating temperature is too high

Using too much wood ( quantity )

Firebricks missing in stove.

* Important; use thermometer
   (Keep in Comfort Zone) 

* Do not fill stove higher than the fire bricks.

* Replace missing or damaged fire bricks

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