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InfrarRed Thermography

InfraRed Thermography 

          Winter Conditions Summer Conditions

Cold temperature intrusion exterior heat transferring into interior of
                              demonstrated in blue -                                                   house -- lack of insulation in ceiling / roof                                                            indicates lack of insulation and
                              possible water leak.

Scientifically developed to advance medicine and national security the InfraRed process allows the certified thermographer to identify building envelope deficiencies and operating anomolies without intrusive demolition and costly untimely expense.

InfraRed thermography detects and identifies deficiencies through small temperature


Heat loss, water intrusion, cold temperature convection are costly defects and are critical to energy savings.

The Building Envelope and Mechanical Operating Systems

  • Air infiltration Leakage – Windows, Doors, Attic access panel

  • Insulation – Missing or Damaged – improperly installed

  • Leaks – Roof, Wall, Basement, Joint connections/seams

  • Chimney Structures – Flue connections, Insulated components

  • Motors – Pump overload / Bearings and drive components

  • Electrical – Circuit breaker and wiring overloads / Baseboard heater performance

  • Ventilation and Air-conditioning – Joint leakage / Duct distribution

  • Plumbing – Leaks in supply and drainage

  • New Home - Pre-Purchase Inspection

The above, is an example of the areas and equipment that a certified IR- thermographer

can explore and identify potential and developing conditions that would be costly to repair

if gone unchecked.

Life expectancy of equipment and building materials can be monitored and scheduled into an

effective maintenance program through an annual InfraRed inspection program.

  • Certified to ASNT,TC – 1A T/IR Level 1 , by Flir Training Institute – Canada

Why - InfraRed Thermography ???

Learn how the home and operating equipment is performing before you purchase.

Increase building performance by reducing downtime through detecting electrical and mechanical problems quickly . Reduce health conditions by detecting water intrusion.

Improve equipment reliability and safety through decreased maintenance down-time.

Reduce unplanned outages and costly repairs.  

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