Firebox Inspection Services
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ASTM Standards

Commercial / Industrial / Condo Roof Thermographic Inspections

ASTM C1153 Standards

Warranty expiration thermographic inspections can help companies protect themselves against major issues that
can lead to company downtime and financial strain.
 Les Inspections Joe RodriguesInc. provides commercial thermographic services to Montreal, Laval, West Island and South Shore.

The life of a roof can be extended by a thermographic inspection. Thermography can easily detect areas of the roof that are leaking but have not shown up visually. If caught, early enough, the affected roof areas can be isolated and patched, thereby extending the life of the roof and saving money. We take the guess work out of determining the areas to be patched. Periodic thermographic roof inspections should be part of an integral maintenance program. Les Inspections Joe Rodrigues Inc. follows ASTM C1153 standards for roof inspections.

Commercial / Industrial / Condo Thermographic Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections can detect heated connections or components which may be indicative of a potentially major problem causing fire, injury, equipment damage, down time, etc. Thermography can find problems with faulty connections, overloaded circuits, faulty switches, phase imbalances, transformer issues, fuse problems, defective breakers, undersized connectors, insufficient cooling, etc. Many insurance companies now require annual inspections of critical equipment.

Commercial / Industrial Thermographic Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical inspections can detect elements of motors, compressors, bearings, belts, etc., under heat stress.
Thermography is an invaluable part of any maintenance program. It is always better to repair items before failure causes operational interruptions and unexpected replacement costs.

Commercial / Condo Thermographic Building Envelope Inspections

Building envelope inspections can detect problems with heat loss, air leakages, and water leakages. These are crucial for energy savings and occupant comfort. The arrows illustrate window flashing leakage and masonry leakage.

Right Conditions for an Infrared / Thermographic Inspection

Not all problems can be detected with just one visit. The successful detection of problematic areas is dependent on the optimal conditions to perform an infrared thermographic inspection. 
Beware of anyone that claims otherwise. We, at Les Inspections Joe Rodrigues Inc., will advise you what conditions are required to increase our success of finding problems.

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